Unique and achievable decors

Making your life easier is our objective! La Pièce inspires you in your renovation and decoration projects, which are made possible with the help of home improvement Experts and the use of products available in Quebec. You will also have the opportunity to discover the work of Experts in your region and choose the one that meets your needs and tastes.

Revolutionize the world of design,
one room at a time

La Pièce is a concept that emerged during a night of May 2014 while we were discussing our respective professional paths. For us, it became obvious that a change was needed. We wanted to make a living from our passion for design and create something different and unique that would benefit others. After a brainstorm that lasted almost a year, we found the concept that would allow us to make our dream come true : simplify the life of everyone by proposing attractive and original decors, but most of all achievable ones.
Decors found on the internet or in magazines could now be a reality in only a few clicks. That is how our wonderful adventure that is La Pièce started…allowing your ideas to take form!